Flavors of always

Our kitchen surprises by recovering what makes us enjoy a good bar: the desire to eat an omelette, enjoy a great salad or a well-made tuna.

We have classics, the hits, and also platazos that vary according to the market, the state of the sea (or the sea) or the season of the year.

The classics:

Smoked eel salad

A traditional salad, but different, because Russia is no longer what it was. We make it every day, it never goes into the fridge and has two very personal touches, the smoked eel that replaces part of the tuna and a red pepper sausage roasted on the fire, which provide sweet and smoky nuances. Wonderful!

Croquette of Puchero of the grandmother Carmen

Grandma Carmen’s pout was simply glorious. Carl wanted to pay tribute to his Andalusian grandmother by contributing his personal touch, the stew has cecina de León and in the dough adds Iberian ham and a very fresh secret touch that make these croquettes unique and unrepeatable.


We have set out to make the best torreznos but in the terreta. Brought directly from Soria, we prayed them 2 or 3 days. Once well dried we canfit them in the oven and finally fry them to soften the skin well. We accompany them with guasacaca, a very different and avinagrado species of guacamole ideal to combine.

Chicharrones de morena

Life is experiences and in the Canary Islands we discover this incredible way of frying the brunette that avoids the tedious thorns. It is accompanied with carrot aliñá as a salad. Very winning combination.

Our tuned breads:

Which bar doesn’t have its toast or snack section? We have gone around the classic bar sandwich and we have launched our delicious tuned breads, different and original for their presentation and flavor.

Bacon and truffle

For us Sacha Hormachea is a reference. This bread was inspired by him.
Spread it generously with homemade truffle butter, bake it and when it comes out we sprinkle it with truffle oil, maldon salt and cover it with cured Iberian pork belly to top it off.

Ham and tomato

There is no secret in the ingredients, bread, Carl’s virgin oil, Iberian ham from the güeno and fresh tomato.

Our Tortillas:

With tortillas we have gone crazy! And it is that as a good bar that we are could not miss a good tortilla, and who says one says twelve! Because in the variety is the taste, and tortillas, colors.
Three styles and 4 flavors to choose from, so you don’t get tired of trying and not stopping.


Iberian ham
Lia Cheese: Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards and considered among the 84 best cheeses in the world. A soft cheese with washed crust.
Tuna and mayonnaise
Zucchini and onion

From Betanzos

Our classic potato omelette from the churrero de San Juan, with organic Eggs from July, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of candied onion. The key: leave it juicy and liquid in the center and add our touch of extra yolk with a sabayón that makes it very very special.

Vaga de Sacha

Another tribute to this great chef. Same ingredients as Betanzos but we cook it only on one side to leave little curd the top. We bring our touch with the sabayon and incorporate the famous Basque piparras with small flakes of pickled red onion.


We are left with the essence, organic egg and our surprise sabayon for the filling that make it the best French omelette in the world (at least for us and hopefully for you too)


A recipe with more than 20 years that we made known last Christmas and has already stayed with us forever. A fresh pasta cannelloni stuffed with free-range chicken, Galician beef, Iberian pork, truffle and foie gras along with vegetables, to which we add a very aerial and light truffle béchamel with fresh sautéed mushrooms and gratin cheese … do you get an idea now of why they stayed on our menu?

Squid sandwich

One of the elaborations that best describes our cuisine. It’s not what it seems, is it? Onion and grilled ink bread, battered national squid, spicy and orange mayonnaise, fried green pepper oil and fried onion… take some bread and squid, smear the bottom well and pa’ inside.

Pen with butter Café Paris

The feather is one of the two noblest and most tender pieces of the pig, it is located in the anterior part of the loin and has a characteristic triangular shape, hence its name.
We cook it on the grill, accompanied by match-cut fries and a coffee butter from Paris that we make with more than 30 ingredients.


We thought we should not forget such a classic and emblematic preparation in Spanish cuisine and bars. From Duroc pork cheeks, we cook them for hours with red wine. To accompany them, we have invented some potatoes that we make from a puree and then become some mellow and very crunchy chips.

Caesar Salad

The classic Cesar salad is presented as a tribute to another of our references: “Cutting room”. True to its style, the ingredients are presented separately and you make your own salad taco yourself.


Our cake goes for free, the filling of 4 cheeses and the cookie separately, the fresh red fruits stewed by another and then you go and mix it. The result, a bomb is flavored

Mother-in-Law’s Cake

Grandma’s super well-known cookie cake is a delicious and appetizing dessert and our version takes the cake. As a secret, tell you that we added a panna cota of mocha to turn it into a lighter cake than its predecessor. Who now wants the mother-in-law more?

French toast

It has two peculiarities that differentiate it from the classic ones: on the one hand we use brioche bread, and on the other, we bathe them in an almond ajoblanco that gives it fresh and unique touches. It is accompanied by a toasted marcona almond ice cream.


You ask us for a fruit dessert, and here you have it: a very thuggish and fun version of presenting a fruit. We vacuum pack the pineapple with Cachaça, to soak it in flavor, return it to its habitat and finish it with brown sugar, mint and grated lime to get that flavor of caipirinha.

Catalan Cream

Delicious and aerial. From a classic Catalan cream, we put it in a siphon and get a new very light texture. We also caramelize it and to enjoy it in all its splendor, you have to eat it from bottom to top to discover in each bite its fresh strawberries with orange and cinnamon that will make you lose your sense.