Modern twist on
traditional flavors.

The special ingredient in our dishes is our desire to keep forgotten desires alive, just being in the mood for a tortilla, some chips or a tuna cooked to perfection.
We have our classics, our hits, and finally amazing dishes that change depending on the day, on the whims of the sea, on whether it’s been a rainy spring, and so many other factors… all of which will go up on our suggestion board, as appropriate.

The Classics:

Churrero de San Juan Spanish Tortilla

This Spanish tortilla de patata is the kind that will have you coming back for more. We get the potatoes from Manolo, in the Churreria de San Juan, and we make our tortilla Betanzos-style: undercooked, and, to top it off, we add extra egg yolks and some serrano ham strips! Only a crazy person wouldn’t ask for seconds!

Smoked eel “Russian” potato salad

A traditional Spanish potato salad, ironically called a “Russian” salad in Spain, but with a twist, because the name it took its country from has also changed quite a bit, so why not? Our salad is always fresh, we make it every day and it never sees the inside of a fridge. It also has two very personal touches – smoked eel which substitutes half of the usual tuna, and roasted red bell peppers that add a touch of smoked sweetness. Simply delicious!

Big Manu Croquetas

The croquetas Big Manu, one of our head chefs, rank among the best 6 ham croquetas in the world (2019 Madrid Fusion finalists, best “Joselito” ham croquetas in the world competition). A white sauce so creamy it’s hard to believe it can be contained in the crunchy golden breaded crust.

Fish and Chips

Our own take on the English classic fish & chips which is loved by both young and old. The fresh hake fillets and chips are stuck to one another with the batter that covers them, and come with a side of tartar sauce that’ll make you say “yummmm”…

Squid Sandwich

One of the staples of our kitchen. It is so much more than meets the eye… Fluffy onion and squid-ink bread baked on coals, squid in batter, spicy mayo with a touch of orange, fried green bellpepper oil and cripsy onion… grab a slice of bread and a squid, dip and enjoy!

Coca amb tonyina

Our spin on a classic in Valencia, we make this coca with our home-made “tonyina de sorra”, a traditional way of preparing tuna in the Mediterranian region in Spain. However, we don’t use the typical yellowfin tuna, but rather the more flavorful longfin tuna. And the presentation also strays from tradition… we add caramelized onions, fresh pinenuts, our homemade dough and finally, the canned-tuna mayo, which stirs up the memory of the more traditional flavors even as its presentation remains groundbreaking.

Grilled Beef

This may be a simple sirloin steak roasted with potatoes, but making an excellent version of this dish is anything but. Our beef is prime-quality meat, our potatoes hail from Benimagrell and are fried in olive oil daily. Finally, all our meats lightly graze our coals, adding that unique barbecue flavor to this dish.

Ichi Cevichi

We only break with Spanish culinary tradition when one of our cook’s passport lets us cross that border. Such is the case of one of our head chefs, Isaias (Ichi), the master behind this international recipe. Sea bass, vegetables, avocado, sweet potato, mango and “tiger’s milk” make this a Peruvian market worthy ceviche.


This recipe is more than 20 years old, its fame started growing when it was simply a Christmas dish, and now it has snagged a permanent spot on the menu. Cannelloni with fresh pasta, free-range chicken, Galician beef, Iberian pork, truffles and foie gras filling with vegetales. To top it off, an extremely light truffle-flavored white sauce, with sautéd mushrooms and melted cheese. These cannelloni truly deserve their legend status.


Our cheesecake marches to the beat of its own drum. The four cheese filling and the cookie go their separate ways, the berry coulis appears on the side… but when you mix all these ingredients together, you won’t believe the remix you’ll be tasting.


The path to preparing your bikini body follows a different route here at Probar; prepare for a croissant-style sandwich with a rich, dark chocolate filling which we serve warm. It will almost “literally” melt in your mouth. Enjoy!

Deconstructed Lemon Pie

What happens when you put lemon custard, home-made cookie pie crust, italian merengue, and strawberry and rose sorbet together? Basically, you have all the ingredients you need to make the world’s best lemon pie, without actually making a pie! Surprise!