Pro Nights

For a couple of months a year, we organize theme nights with special guests where you, dear Probarians, are the co-stars of the show alongisde the best culinary professionals, fellow colleagues which make an appearance in our kitchen to personally create unique and original menus using only high-quality, seasonal and locally-sourced produce.

Some of these special guests include Chef Rodrigo de la Calle, who was an absolute hit and had everyone’s mouths watering with his Green Kitchen menu which captured the Probar essence perfectly.

The food critic Kas Forcada and his succulent menu which racked up a grand total of Ten Michelin Stars, the fantastic winery owner Pepe Mendoza who used the event to hold a presentation of his personal project “Casa Agrícola” or one of the best pastry chefs in Spain, Rubén Alvarez, who had us drooling over a menu of desserts, ice cream, and sorbets with textures you will not find elsewhere.

Special events with limited spots where you can truly please the foodie we all carry within.

Big Manu Croqueta nominated for World’s Best Croqueta by Madrid Fusion.

We’re the kind of people that firmly believe that any bar worth its salt in this country needs to serve a good potato salad, a good Spanish tortilla, or some good croquetas.

Which is why we focused our attention from the get-go on award-winning recipes, like Big Manu’s croquetas (head chef in our Santa Faz Probar); the white sauce made from fresh cow’s milk and the famous “Joselito” serrano ham melts in your mouth. The creamy texture is rounded off with a crispy breaded crust that makes these croquetas simply irresistable.

And apparently we weren’t the only ones that thought so, because J. Capel himself – founder and president of Madrid Fusion – encouraged us to submit them, along with another 5 finalists, to the World’s Best Croqueta competition.

Variety is the spice of life.

And without meaning to rip off the Spice Girls, that is also our motto – we want to spice up your… plate!

Our menu is crafted based on a two-pronged approach: first, we want you to enjoy the traditional dishes that preserve the essence of the Spanish cuisine, but we also want to play around with our menu, changing it every month with new options so you can try them out.

We also like to fill our suggestion blackboard with all kinds of surprising novelties every day. We add new choices depending on what the market has to offer, seasonal produce or the chef’s whim that day.

For our regulars who don’t have the time to meal prep (or they simply don’t want to), we offer the family serving. We prepare this dish for our probarian staff – freshly made every day with love.

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